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Let your brand reach its perfect state with our experts

Are you seriously thinking about taking your business to cope up with the current market conditions?

So, we should be considering your products or services to be beneficial to our customers in all aspects of look, feel, and experience. Modern customers aren’t looking for the ‘best value for price’ product available anymore and that makes the process of branding inevitable.

Let’s start by understanding the necessities of branding your services or products.

Before taking our steps to branding; we should understand our business and the opportunities our business could see in the current market situations and how we could keep up with the sales even in post epidemic market situations. These could be well understood with some questions to ourselves before the Big Go.

What is our Brand’s core purpose?

A brand’s purpose is simply to get to be the best choice our customers could ever have; which should connect to our customers on a personal level. Creating a strong brand purpose provides us with authority and greater meaning to our brand which could eventually set our Brand apart from our competitor’s reach.

Benefits of brand purpose could be consolidated into some key points:

  • Brand purpose adds values to the lives of customers and society
  • Brand purpose sets our Brand apart from our competitor’s reach
  • Brand purpose helps to set clarity and a strong business culture
What is our Brand’s vision and mission?

Well, everybody knows what does the words vision and mission means; but while taking our brand to the best position in the market, we should consider these words as the backbone of our product and services as it leads to the most important decisions to be taken for the best possible outcome from our products and the services.

What is happening in our Environment?

While creating a constant plan to grow or business we should be considering the facts like Natural Disasters, Pandemic Situations, Recessions and more. So, while driving to our vision and mission we should have a door to overcome these hindrances at each and every point of our growth, which could be done by constantly updating and upgrading the business system to the situations. Lack of these practices could lead our business to be a part of the traumatic situation which could happen anywhere and anytime; like the one being happening around the world now.

Now, we have a clear idea about how our brand should be, and let’s get to the audience’s point of view towards our products or services.

What should our costumers experience from our brand and how should they behave?

All of us are familiar with the word ‘Customer Experience’; while developing a Brand (Product or service) we should make sure that every interaction counts as news of bad customer experience reach twice as many people as the praise for good customer experience, which could be understood from these simple math: ‘It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience’. So, with this 12:1 ratio it’s better to consider the customer experiences as serious as all other aspects of our business plan.

80% of companies say they deliver superior customer service; 8% of people think these same companies deliver superior customer service and 15% of incremental sales can be driven through personalized experiences. So, while releasing a Brand to the customer, Personalized Customer Experience should be considered as one among the unique selling points of the brand.

We’ve now set the potential qualities for our bestselling brand, and it’s time to position our brand to the best place in the market. To ensure the best positioning, we should make sure to override how our competitor treats customers. More than ever before our society is experiencing an extremely great number of brands to choose from. There are some questions on how to make this possible. To make a clear idea of these aspects and to find our sweet spot we will discuss some questions:

What is our Brand’s unique value and where can we add value?

To creating an effective position for our brand we have to nail down what sets our brand apart from our competitors; which could be done with the help of a thorough competitor analysis and we make sure to stand apart far better from our competitors. There are some key steps to position our brand effectively in our market:

  • Determine our current brand position to get a clear idea of how to approach branding procedures
  • Identify the best competitors in the market
  • Analyze how our competitor positioned their brand
  • Identify the missing spaces in every aspects of competitor brand
  • Develop and implement the best practices and strategies to fill the missing spaces to be unique among the competitors in market
What is our Brand’s promise?

As we discussed earlier ‘It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience’ so the promise to our customers is the core, unspoken part of our business. As in personal life promises are meant to be fulfilled even in business too.

Has somebody ever broke a promise to you? And how did you feel?

In business, a broken promise is a big deal as it can make more impact, more profoundly, as it could lead to miss a potential customer and prospects, and that’s why fulfilling our brand’s promise matters to build our brand identity, customer loyalty, and engagement.

How to Creatively Present Our Brand?

A Brand reaches its perfect state only when it communicates the brand value to the target audience effectively. These are governed by some major assets including Brand Name, Brand Identity, Taglines, Contents, and Visual Signatures in creatives.

Brand Name

We are surrounded by brands and their names become a natural part of our everyday speech. But there’s a theory behind why many brand names have a recall value and many don’t. Communication is a significant part of promoting and Brand Name, being a vital piece of Communication, is significant to do any advertising or marking methodology.

Brand Identity

The first and the most visible part of our brand is the brand identity (logo) which should be compatible enough to work well across different media, print designs, product marks, and at all sizes. For a logo to be perfect it should comply with these six qualities:

  1. Should be scalable
  2. Should have solid colors
  3. Should be unique
  4. Should convey the brand’s nature
  5. Should have persistence
  6. Should be adaptable

Color Palette

Most brands have a mark shading plan, regardless of whether it is high contrast or an increasingly inventive palette. In any case, numerous organizations feel that their painstakingly picked hues are restricted to their letterhead, logo, and signs. In any case, utilizing our colors all through our business will give a superior adjusted encounter to individuals who interface with our business while assisting with making those colors equivalent to our brand.

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